Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Feeble Attempt At An Update...

Blogging is hard. Especially to a perfectionist. You get too stressed out attempting to make the details pretty and perfect. Aaand that's why I suck at blogging. BUT, I'm just going to push those perfectionist tendencies to the side and focus on documenting life, because it's so fun to look back. So without further ado, I guess I'll get started. Umm... *clears throat* ... *tugs at collar*


I typed out this long ass thing about how I, randomly, went from art student to hair dresser but I bored myself writing in. I'm guilt of writing run on sentences and getting too excited about boring details.

Aren't you lucky.

So, I'm just going to post some things I'm lusting over or w/e.

I MISS MY COPPER LOCKS. I've been blonde since June, and pastel pink for 8 weeks. I've had my fun but now I just want to go back to my soul color. (Yes I said soul color. Don't judge me, k)

Growing my hair out so I can accomplish sultry pageboy waves. I wish I knew who this was. I found it on Pinterest and there is no source link. So feel free to let me know who this is so I can credit this goddess.

Dark lips. Deep wine, berry and plum colors. I just want to look like a goth child.

Ridiculously cute footwear. Except not for $270+. Trying to think of a way to DIY these.

Among other things, like struggling to stay true to my wardrobe and appearance because getting bleach on nice clothes is devastating and working two jobs has left me with little energy to do my hair. I look like some average joe now. Former Julia would be very displeased with me right now.

Well, we'll see when is the next time when I feel entertained enough to do another post, because this was already draining enough. Phew. (See? Perfectionist tendencies coming through.)