Sunday, November 4, 2012

     So last night I kind of went bat shit crazy and purged my entire closet. It's been an awkward past few months concerning my wardrobe. I unconsciously started sporting the early 40's look, everyday. Before I would every so often mix some vintage pieces in with modern ones like from Forever 21 (ugh, don't judge me) or H&M. I don't know if it's because I've been finding more and more resources to reference to and now I have a better idea as to what to shop for or my money situation has turned out great as of late. Nonetheless the past few days it would just make me sick to go into my closet and see the amount of garbage I had in there. Just settling for less when I go clothes shopping in the past, and opting for the cheap, poor made fast fashion. So yesterday I said "THAT'S IT" and pretty much got rid of 60% of my closet. And I still feel like it's not enough! But I know I need to keep some clothes in the mean time while I search for good places to buy reproduction clothing or find better places to shop for vintage. I've also just recently finished sewing a dress for a friend and that has really motivated me to get serious about sewing.

Since winter's coming, I really need to get serious about investing into some really good pieces. Ones I know will last me forever and I won't cringe when I look at it next year and think it looks outdated, or worse, get all gross and pilled up. I need to somewhat compile a list if winter staples to get me through the winter.

If anyone has some advice or any recommendations to some fabulous stores, let me know! I would love to hear how other people went through the process of purging their modern wardrobe into a vintage one.

Here are some things that will surely inspire my winter wardrobe.

LOVE this! This is perfect for Chicago's crazy shit storm winters.

Perfect Christmas time look!

This looks so cozy. I would love to make myself a cozy little collar like this!

Thanks for popping in! I would love to hear from you guys! x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Head up in the clouds.

The last couple of days, whether it be driving, at work, or at school, I've been finding myself day dreaming non-stop about WWII Days in Rockford coming up! My hearts starts beating really fast as I start scheming new hairdo ideas, what alterations my dresses need, things I still need but have yet to buy. I seriously still have such a big to do list. So, I thought I'd post it on this ye old blog here to remind myself not to get too caught up in the glamorous things, but more or less the things I really need that I really suffered without last year. Let us start, shall we?

Last year for some reason I thought it was a great idea to cram all my shit into miscellaneous bags that not only severely wrinkled my clothes, but made it so hard to dig out things I needed in a jiffy. Not to mention how difficult it was to try hiding a loud, stripped bag from high school at a reenactment. Ugh.

Alright now forgive me for choosing a not-so-great picture of an army cot, but Ebay won't let me copy pasta pictures so this will do. It seriously sucked sleeping on the floor last year and I couldn't even sleep half the time because I was so god damn COLD. Still, I don't think getting a cot is in the cards for me. The mister hasn't found any luck finding these. Figures, before we found them everywhere for like, $15 bucks. Now the we actually need one we can't find even one.

A knitted sweater. No scratch that, more like 10. I did not anticipate how FREEZING it was going to be that weekend, not to mention raining! I was a big dummy and brought one sweater, and I didn't even want to wear it because it just wasn't that cute. I really wish I could whip one up before the event, but that's wishful thinking. Oh and also the fact I've never knitted a sweater before. Pssh. What I'll probably end up doing is buying an XL knitted sweater at the thrift store and manipulate it into looking like I knitted it. Ha!

At least bring something else BESIDES dresses, yeesh! I would be happy as a clam if I had these bag dogs to change into, especially when it got so cold. I'm seriously considering ordering some, just because they're so darn cute and I'm convinced I need them in my life forever. Not to mention I need to stop looking at dresses and start looking for more blouses. I already have enough damn dresses!

Accessorize! Man did I get bored and uninspired with my outfits so quickly. I need to remember to bring my scarves and recent hat collection, and be on the lookout for fun pins, purses, and hunt down some bakelite jewelry! For now I'm gathering some inspiration from these lovely gals!

And last but not least, shoes! Holy crap did my feet hurt from walking all day in heels. Try walking on gravel all day in heels and tell me how you feel in the end. I'm hoping if I opt for wedges and saddle shoes this year, I'll be ok. I'm still sad though, will I ever get used to walking in heels?

I'm sure I'm missing plenty more important things, but this will have to do for now, I'm way too tempted to actually buy some of these things. I need to save my money for this weekend, because I'm FINALLY going to the Renegade Craft Fair and The Vintage Bazaar this weekend! Goodnight, yall!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My hats off to you, sir!

I was at work when a woman came up to me.

"Hi, I have this bag full of hats. A lot of them were my Grandmother, some of them my Mom's". She motions to the plastic bag she's carrying, filled to the brim with ladies hats. "I've been cleaning out my house and trying to get rid of some things. But these...". She started getting a little upset. "Are hard to let go. I just want to give them a good home. I don't want to throw them out, or give them to Goodwill. My mother's hat from her wedding is even still in here".

My eyes light up.

"Well," I start. "I do World War Two reenacting, and it would be an honor to take them, if you need someone to do so." She plops the huge plastic bag onto the counter top with a sigh of relief. "Honey, have the whole bag. Thank you so much". And with that... she left.

I opened up the bag to be greeted by the smell of dust and ladies perfume. I reach in to the bag to retrieve this beauty.

It was love at first sight.

The sassy arrow is quiet possibly my favorite detail. 

I will have to remember to take some decent pictures of the rest of the loot. There's even a snood and a rain bonnet in here! Oh my goodness, if this woman even knew how much she made my day. Now the only thing I wish is to be able to date them. I know a handful of them are 60's quiet obviously, but a lot of these are actually quiet older. Let me know if anyone is willing to help a gal!

Tonight is for settling pre-first-day-of-school jitters, trying to get some sleep, and mustering up enough energy to set my hair. My arms always feel like they're going to fall off!