Sunday, August 19, 2012

My hats off to you, sir!

I was at work when a woman came up to me.

"Hi, I have this bag full of hats. A lot of them were my Grandmother, some of them my Mom's". She motions to the plastic bag she's carrying, filled to the brim with ladies hats. "I've been cleaning out my house and trying to get rid of some things. But these...". She started getting a little upset. "Are hard to let go. I just want to give them a good home. I don't want to throw them out, or give them to Goodwill. My mother's hat from her wedding is even still in here".

My eyes light up.

"Well," I start. "I do World War Two reenacting, and it would be an honor to take them, if you need someone to do so." She plops the huge plastic bag onto the counter top with a sigh of relief. "Honey, have the whole bag. Thank you so much". And with that... she left.

I opened up the bag to be greeted by the smell of dust and ladies perfume. I reach in to the bag to retrieve this beauty.

It was love at first sight.

The sassy arrow is quiet possibly my favorite detail. 

I will have to remember to take some decent pictures of the rest of the loot. There's even a snood and a rain bonnet in here! Oh my goodness, if this woman even knew how much she made my day. Now the only thing I wish is to be able to date them. I know a handful of them are 60's quiet obviously, but a lot of these are actually quiet older. Let me know if anyone is willing to help a gal!

Tonight is for settling pre-first-day-of-school jitters, trying to get some sleep, and mustering up enough energy to set my hair. My arms always feel like they're going to fall off!


  1. *Swoon* This hat and the arrow pin are gorgeous! How very generous this woman was and lucky, duck you!!! :)

  2. That hat is to die for, I just love it so much! And your right that arrow is a pretty amazing detail.