Sunday, November 4, 2012

     So last night I kind of went bat shit crazy and purged my entire closet. It's been an awkward past few months concerning my wardrobe. I unconsciously started sporting the early 40's look, everyday. Before I would every so often mix some vintage pieces in with modern ones like from Forever 21 (ugh, don't judge me) or H&M. I don't know if it's because I've been finding more and more resources to reference to and now I have a better idea as to what to shop for or my money situation has turned out great as of late. Nonetheless the past few days it would just make me sick to go into my closet and see the amount of garbage I had in there. Just settling for less when I go clothes shopping in the past, and opting for the cheap, poor made fast fashion. So yesterday I said "THAT'S IT" and pretty much got rid of 60% of my closet. And I still feel like it's not enough! But I know I need to keep some clothes in the mean time while I search for good places to buy reproduction clothing or find better places to shop for vintage. I've also just recently finished sewing a dress for a friend and that has really motivated me to get serious about sewing.

Since winter's coming, I really need to get serious about investing into some really good pieces. Ones I know will last me forever and I won't cringe when I look at it next year and think it looks outdated, or worse, get all gross and pilled up. I need to somewhat compile a list if winter staples to get me through the winter.

If anyone has some advice or any recommendations to some fabulous stores, let me know! I would love to hear how other people went through the process of purging their modern wardrobe into a vintage one.

Here are some things that will surely inspire my winter wardrobe.

LOVE this! This is perfect for Chicago's crazy shit storm winters.

Perfect Christmas time look!

This looks so cozy. I would love to make myself a cozy little collar like this!

Thanks for popping in! I would love to hear from you guys! x

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the closet situation! Never under estimate your local thrift store, second hand shop, or church charity shop! I've found some amazing sweaters, vintage coats, and recently a pair of 1930's jodhpurs in AMAZING condition. Some people have no clue what they're donating! Plus it's all really inexpensive so you can quickly replenish your closet with quality things :)