Thursday, April 4, 2013

Smoothed Out

Lately I've been obsessing over the hair do's of the 30's. The side part, smooth crown, and tussle of curls at the ends make my heart beat fast! Maybe it's because my bangs have finally grown long enough to touch my chin (!!) and there is no use for trying to think of creative ways to incorporate them into my hair when many styles were too long for my awkward, grown out Bettie Bangs. Here are some pins from my Pinterest board of hairstyles that I have been totally digging and trying to convey in my everyday hair.

I just love how effortless the hair do is to do. I think this will become essential during the summer on those hot, humid days when I could just slick back my hair and not have to fuss with pin curls piled on top on my head.

If you would like to follow me on Pintrerest, please click here! I pin all swoon worthy 1940's, 30's, and 20's images that usually involve me wiping drool of my chin, ha! As of late you will probably see some 1910's fashion in the mix. Next weekend I will be attending the World War I Days event in Rockford, IL and working in the French Cafe along with my good girl friends! Nothing beats hanging out with reenactors. What a good feeling it is to hang around people for the entire weekend, who are just as insane as you are and totally nerd out. It also helps that my birthday will be that weekend too, so getting hammered with them is like, the best.

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